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Laser Device Videos

These are samples of videos that demonstrate cosmetic procedures that are taught in our courses.

Plasma double eyelid
Plasma acne scar
Milia removal using radiofrequency
Surgitron double eyelid
Dermatosis papilosa nigra removal with radiofrequency
Sebaceous hyperplasia removal
Milia removal
Ndyag qs laser for dyschromia/melasma
Plume extractor
Using single needle radiofrequency to treat individual acne lesion
Surgitron removal of intradermal mole
CO2 laser ablation of flat seborrhoeic keratosis
Eryag laser ablation of seborrhoeic keratosis
Ablation of nodular basal cell carcinoma
CO2 laser ablation of seborrhoeic keratosis
Surgitron excision
Radiofrequency removal of facial (nose vein)
Cherry angiomas
Laser treatment of spider veins

Cosmetic Institute of Australia is now Aesthetics and Skin Institute

Please visit our new and improved website on

We have improved our online learning interface and expanded our course structure, providing you with comprehensive and extensive aesthetics training built on the knowledge of anatomy.

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