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Anatomy for Injectors

Anatomy for Injectors is an online resource that teaches injecting techniques through the understanding of anatomy. It is a collaborative project by the Cosmetic Institute of Australia (CIOA) and Malaysian MAHSA (Medical) University.

The course has compiled contributions from leading cosmetic practitioners, anatomists, surgeons and educators.

The knowledge is presented in the form of simple and concise teaching texts, anatomical diagrams, cadaver dissections videos and treatment videos.

Why use Anatomy for Injectors?


Understanding the anatomy is fundamental to performing safe cosmetic injections. This reduces risks for both patients and cosmetic injectors.

Anatomy for Injectors is a learning tool that will help build your knowledge on relevant anatomy and increase your confidence to perform safe cosmetic injections.

It is not a replacement for face-to-face training, but should be used to bolster in-clinic practical sessions.

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