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Dedicated to equipping practitioners
with relevant practical skills

Courses for Therapists

CIOA offers extensive training on cosmetic and beauty treatments as well as practical business applications.

We offer two categories of courses



Beauty Courses

This covers the essentials of beauty therapy

The course is designed to familiarise participants with commonly used equipment and products available in the beauty industry.

Having knowledge of relevant skin science enables the practitioner to understand the rationale of using certain products or equipment to achieve particular results.

Knowing what to use and when to use is essential to building confidence.

Module B1

Skin science, beauty products and peels

Module B2

Beauty equipment (microdermabrasion, led, micro-needling, hydra-facials)

Business Training

The course is divided into two parts – the business owner and the employee

The aim of all business owners should be to own businesses that can run successfully without the owner being present. It is ideal to empower certain employees with a leadership role; to be independent yet fully accountable; to lead teams for business growth.

Business owners

The course is designed to help owners to start, integrate and expand their business. Often the process begins with the mindset. Knowing how to analyse changing market conditions and having a right business model is important.

Module T1

Understanding business vs medicine; start ups and staff

Module T2

Products and services, business systems and marketing

Why is it necessary to start this education?

The distinction between the cosmetic and beauty market is becoming increasingly blurred. What was once considered medical domain has moved into shopping centres. There is no doubt that cosmetic medicine is now a business.

Our courses are designed by a team of doctors with extensive experience in cosmetics and education. They offer a comprehensive range of education and skills for the current cosmetic climate and educate cosmetic practitioners to treat successfully and run successful businesses.