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Dedicated to equipping practitioners
with relevant practical skills

Neurotoxins in Dentistry




This course has been specifically developed for dentists, by dentists. It aims to cover all the essentials on the use of Botulinum Toxin in your dental practice. Demand by patients for botulinum toxin injections is ever increasing, both in the functional and aesthetics field and more dentists are looking to upscale their skills set to cater to this demand. It is a truly rewarding experience when you can offer your patients their desired effect through delivering effective treatments, botulinum toxin injections being one of them.

This course includes both an online and practical component. The online module will need to be completed before attending the workshop. The workshop will take place over one day in Melbourne. The aim of this is to take as little time out of your daily schedule and have small trainer:learner ratios to accelerate your knowledge. The workshop will cover the important theoretical knowledge but most of the time will be spent on direct hands-on approach on consultation, informed consent and injecting techniques, including dilution of product. You will need to bring your own models for injecting and botulinum toxin will be available for purchase at cost price for use on your models during the workshop.

At the completion of this practical workshop, you should be confident enough to return to your practice and start injecting the very next day! This course is a small investment you will be making to gain new skills that will take you to the next level of practice.

Course objectives

  • Understanding relevant lower facial anatomy and facial ageing
  • Introduction to botulinum toxin
  • Types of botulinum toxins available on the market
  • Functional vs aesthetic applications of botulinum toxin in dentistry.
  • Understanding the on and off label use of botulinum toxin
  • Conducting the appropriate consultation with patient
  • How to obtain informed consent
  • Medical photography – before and after


  • Injecting botulinum toxin appropriately, taking
    into consideration the anatomical variations
    between individuals
  • Areas of injection covered – masseter muscles, temporalis muscles, gummy smiles, smoker’s lines, mentalis muscles and the Depressor Anguli Oris (DAO) muscles
  • Managing side effects and complications and how to avoid them


Suitable for:

  • Dentists

All course participants in Australia must hold a valid AHPRA registration. If you are thinking of doing our course with one of our overseas partners, please check with local medical registering bodies regarding any credentials that you may need to hold before enrolling in our courses.

* One Full Day FACE-TO-FACE workshop with hands-on training