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Cosmetic Threads: Monothreads





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This course covers the use of PDO monothreads whilst still familiarising you with the variety of different types of cosmetic threads available in the market that aim to achieve the same outcome. PDO Monothreads are a fantastic tool for facial tightening and rejuvenation. They are effective and give immediate results with minimal downtime, compared to the other treatments available in the market at present. Most importantly they are simple and easy to do, if taught the correct method, leading to high patient satisfaction.
Online theory training will be provided prior to the practical workshop, which will take place over a weekday evening, where the focus will entirely be on hands-on approach of the procedure. All course participants will be asked to bring their own models, who will be pre-screened by our trainers to ensure suitability for the procedure.
Upon completion of the practical workshop, you will confidently be able to offer this procedure in your rooms immediately.
Post-course mentorship is also available.

Course objectives

  • Learn about cosmetic threads in general – long threads and monothreads
  • Know about the different types of cosmetic threads available on the market
  • Understanding the concept of thread lifts and skin tightening
  • PDO Monothreads – their indications and outcome
  • Learn how to insert monothreads
  • Learn how to manage side effects and complications
  • After care associated with cosmetic monothreads


Suitable for:

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
All course participants in Australia must hold a valid AHPRA registration. If you are thinking of doing our course with one of our overseas partners, please check with local medical registering bodies regarding any credentials that you may need to hold before enrolling in our courses.