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with relevant practical skills

Cosmetic Threads in Dentistry




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Learn the essential cosmetic uses of Cosmetic Threads.
Master the art, science & treatment technique of Long and Short Threads.

Maximise your learning

  • The concept of thread lifting and how threads work
  • The concept of using short threads for skin tightening and rejuvenation and how short threads work
  • Type of threads available in the market today
  • Perform a skin laxity assessment and identify patients suitable for thread lifting
  • Contraindications to treatment
  • Basic anatomy applicable to thread lifting procedure
  • Possible adverse events and how to prevent and manage them
  • Understand that thread lifting design should be customised based on each patient’s individual concerns
  • Have a basic understanding prior to the practical workshop of the depth and technique of thread insertion and infiltration of local anaesthesia.

Pre-workshop: Complete the online theory pre-workshop component prior to your hands-on full day
session. This includes the anatomy, diagnosis, treatment options and techniques, including anatomical
dissection and treatment videos so that you are familiar with the procedures beforehand.

Hands-On Practical: Spend a full day with your experienced cosmetic trainer treating your own patients.
Learn the treatment technique in a full day practical. You will learn how to deliver Cosmetic Threads
using both long and short threads, for cosmetic lift and tissue enhancement. Included are lots of tips and
tricks, including business protocols to help you and your team succeed. Each dentist may bring along one
assistant to create a real clinical environment so that you are ready to treat patients the next day

Practical Programme

8.30am Registration and Review anatomy and techniques.
Review consultation techniques and emergency protocol.
11.00am Patient treatment sessions
3.00pm Finalise the day with review of the cases treated.
Discuss marketing, the team approach and walk-through real-cases.
Q & A session
5.00pm Certificate distribution