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Combination Treatments*

More and more doctors internationally have been getting amazing results combining Silhouette with Ellanse’. Even all of the original Key Opinion Leaders of Ellanse’ and Silhouette Soft and now KOLs for both products, why……. it just seems to make sense, and on a couple of levels.

a. We all know that the vast majority of patients looking to have Silhouette Soft require volume OR are already being treated with a volumising injectable.  We also know that regardless of the type of HA filler used they are all on a gradual degrade, some faster than others.  The more volume is lost, the more the vectors can change.  With Ellanse’ we have proven long term stability with results staying constant from 3 month to either 1, 2,3 or 4 years.  Remember we get IMMEDIATE results but as the product is 70% CMC gel and 30% PCL we get improved stability of results once the CMC breaks down and healthy (predominantly Type I) collagen is produced – this is approx 3 month post treatment.

b. If we are producing healthy strong Type I collagen (proven) then there is the logic that this would provide a greater anchorage for the cones and thus provide an even more stable lift.  It may also help broaden the spectrum of what is considered a “suitable” Silhouette Soft Patient.  This is based on reports of several overseas doctors’ experiences as well as a few other Aussie doctors.  In fact one of our regular Ellanse’ users recalls a massive increase in patient satisfaction scores when using the two products in combination (usually waiting that 3 month period between).  One of our good friends in Korea is currently compiling his patient data to create a clinical paper outlining his and his patients experiences and outcomes with the view of scientifically proving the benefits of this combination*.

If you would like to try this Combination Treatment* and gauge the results for yourself please feel welcome to take advantage of our current offer:

If you purchase:

1 box of Silhouette Soft (any size)

2 Sillhouette Soft Procedure Packs

1 box of Ellanse’ S

We will add another box of Ellanse’ S… FREE OF CHARGE

If you are interested in this but are yet to receive training on Ellanse’ please let us know so we can ensure to get you trained up so you can take advantage of this great offer!!

Please note:  This offer is not valid with any other current offers.

This offer available until March 31st 2017

For more info please send email to

* Currently the approved indication for combination treatments of Ellanse’ + Silhouette Soft specifies each product to be placed in differing area/s.  Even though there are several doctors throughout the world doing other than this, it still remains off-label as the actual scientific data is yet to be released.  A retrospective study is underway and expected to be released within the next few months.  More information to come.

Find Me! Silhouette Soft Directory

Due to popular demand we want to be able to provide Aussie consumers with a list of clinics that are offering Silhouette Soft treatments.

We understand that (for one reason or another) some of you may not wish to sign up for this – which is more than fine.  Because of this inclusion into the Silhouette Soft Directory is voluntary.

If you would like us to share your details over the Interweb please send us a message via the button below and include the clinic/s you would like listed.

Yes please add me to the list!

PERFECTHA is Coming!

The wait is nearly over!  The much awaited PerfectHa range of HA’s is almost here.

This range has been receiving glowing reviews on the international arena.  Not to mention great reviews from some local Injectors who have been lucky enough to try the product on their travels.

A separate notification will come out soon letting you all know when it is ready!

Please email for more info.

Silhouette Soft Procedure Packs

The response from the Procedure Packs has been FANTASTIC!

Nurses are loving the increase in sterility and sharps safety, Doctors are loving the Needle Counter creating a super handy workstation.

Everyone loves the convenience!

If you are yet to try these for yourself please let us know so we can get you a sample to use in your next Silhouette Soft treatment. Kindly email


It is that time of the year again!

AMWC is back in Monaco April 6-8.  If you are heading to Monaco or thinking about it please let us know.

Sinclair will be there in full force with Silhouette Soft, Ellanse’ and Perfectha.  Great team and great products.  If we know you are there we can help ensure that you get into all of the brilliant sessions!