Cosmetic Institute of Australia is now Aesthetics and Skin Institute. Please visit our new and improved website on

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What are the common pitfalls?

Cosmetic Institute of Australia is now Aesthetics and Skin Institute
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Why would I choose Cosmetic Institute of Australia (CIOA) course over another?

CIOA offers the most comprehensive and extensive syllabus covering all 4 pillars of aesthetic medicine.
1 Injections (namely neurotoxins and dermal fillers)
2 Lifts – Cosmetic Threads and HIFU/Radiofrequency
3  Skin care – including cosmetic dermatology, lasers, IPL and other skin devices and treatments
4 Other highly specialised treatments such as Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy and hair regrowth
Our subsidiary Anatomy for Injectors is one of the best complete courses in injections.

What value-added service do I get when I do a CIOA course?

All the modules are interlinked.
We also provide mentoring by most senior practitioners.

How do you choose your trainers?

Our trainers must have experience and be working in the field. They must also be vetted by our educators.

If I attend a course, am I able to practice that same skill the very next day?

Because our modules require some prerequisite knowledge, this will ensure students to be prepared before attending a particular level of training.
We also have a low trainer to student ratio. In our workshops it is typically 1 trainer to 4–6 students with assistant trainers as well. Therefore, there is plenty of hands-on opportunity during our workshops which should leave you with enough confidence to practice that same skill independently the very next day.

Where are your courses held?

In Australia we are currently in Sydney and Melbourne.

Are you able to specially schedule a course if I have a group of 6 or more students?

Yes, we can cater for this. Please email us at to discuss further.

Do you offer certificates at the end of your course?

Yes, at the end of the course, you will be handed your certificate.

Can I get CPD points for attending your courses?

Yes, you may apply for it directly with your registering body upon completion of the course.

Are nurses allowed to practice any injectables or mono threads independently?

All injections and threads must be done under supervision of a doctor, as required by AHPRA.

Will I be issued with a certificate if I completed an online course successfully?

Yes, upon the successful completion of the online quiz, you will be able to print out your certification.

Do you provide mentorship following completion of a course?

Yes, this will be discussed at the end of each of our courses so that you have the confidence and support to kick start your new cosmetic skill immediately.

Cosmetic Institute of Australia is now Aesthetics and Skin Institute

Please visit our new and improved website on

We have improved our online learning interface and expanded our course structure, providing you with comprehensive and extensive aesthetics training built on the knowledge of anatomy.

For new students
Sign up on our new training platform for the same high-quality aesthetics online courses and hands-on workshops.
For existing students
We have attempted to contact you via email to inform you regarding your account migration. You can still complete your online courses from Cosmetic Institute of Australia while we migrate your account. As a bonus all past and present students will be given lifetime access to the same courses they have enrolled in before on the new ASI platform.
Please call +614 0111 0065 or email for assistance.

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