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What are the common pitfalls?

Not getting an all rounded education is one of the most common pitfalls

Both the cosmetic and beauty industries cover a wide spectrum which involve many different skills, products and equipment. If you limit your skills and knowledge, you may limit your growth and fail to unlock the opportunities in this field.

Many practitioners are sold on a piece of equipment and realise afterwards that you cannot get your return on the investment

This is a common problem with expensive machines and could be due to one of many reasons:

  • The machine did not achieve results as promoted.
  • Side effects outweigh its benefits.
  • Lack of demand for the type of treatment.
  • Cost of treatment is too high and clients fail to repeat treatment because of disappointing results or there are cheaper and more effective treatments elsewhere.
  • Unacceptable complications.

A lack of knowledge and experience can result in being over confident and in practitioners oversimplifying conditions

A very common example of this is seen in the treatment of “pigments”.

Many practitioners do not know the difference between melasma from Horis nevus, freckles from lentigenes, sebaceous hyperplasia from basal cell carcinoma, rosacea from subacute lupus and flat seborrhoeic keratosis from lentigo maligna.

It is difficult to treat without proper understanding and assessment.