Cosmetic Institute of Australia is now Aesthetics and Skin Institute. Please visit our new and improved website on

Dedicated to equipping practitioners
with relevant practical skills

About CIOA

Our Aim

To build a solid evidence-based foundation which will guide the practitioner to make the most effective choice of treatment

Why us?

We provide non biased independent training and post course support to ensure you continue to practice confidently. We provide education not just in one segment of the cosmetic industry but the entire syllabus (ranging from skin care, peels, RF Technology, microneedling, injectibles to lasers). We have extensive knowledge on market dynamics. We are able to guide our participants to the next level of learning. We provide only locally relevant topics.

Cosmetic Institute of Australia is now Aesthetic and Skin Institute
Please visit our new website and meet the new team

Cosmetic Institute of Australia is now Aesthetics and Skin Institute

Please visit our new and improved website on

We have improved our online learning interface and expanded our course structure, providing you with comprehensive and extensive aesthetics training built on the knowledge of anatomy.

For new students
Sign up on our new training platform for the same high-quality aesthetics online courses and hands-on workshops.
For existing students
We have attempted to contact you via email to inform you regarding your account migration. You can still complete your online courses from Cosmetic Institute of Australia while we migrate your account. As a bonus all past and present students will be given lifetime access to the same courses they have enrolled in before on the new ASI platform.
Please call +614 0111 0065 or email for assistance.

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